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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Mom Gift Ideas

I remember the first time bringing my son home from the hospital. My husband and I got through the door, brought our son to the family room still in his detachable car seat, both looked at each other with the face "now what?" We didn't have to say a word as we were both thinking the same thing.
 As much as you prepare and think you'll be ready you never truly are!

On top of just coming home, a few hours later, we had our first visitors; my husband's lovely aunt and her family.
I remember feeling like I needed to entertain "guests" as they were visitors but they reassured me that they are only coming to meet the baby and not to lift a foot or do anything! Of course, I did not listen and had some snacks and drinks available (blame it on my Italian culture).

 While it is custom to bring a baby gift, our aunt did something a little more which has become my new  "welcome baby" gift. It has everything and nothing to do with a baby gift at all.
Any guesses?

It's a gift package for MOM.

As a new mom, you are constantly thinking of your baby that quite often you neglect yourself and perhaps your partner too. I remember how appreciative I was to have received a gift for myself. It served as a reminder that I, as a new mom, deserve some me time. If I wasn't feeling the greatest about myself, chances are it would reflect how I would be parenting. I was "me" before I was "mom", and having a little "me" is important for your own postpartum health and sanity.

So if you are a new mama, or know of a new mama (or second, third, hundredth time mama) here are some things that may be appreciated when you visit! I've included some links to associated topics but feel free to make it your own!

I tend to gift this as a mom package as it looks visually appealing, but wrapping or putting in a gift bag or box works well too! What's great about a gift for mom is you can add as little or as much as you like, sticking with your budget.

-Meals & Snacks: You can make your own dish to bring, extra points if its freezer safe. A parent can take it out of the freezer when there is not enough time to cook or prepare a meal or if mom just had a tough day or just doesn't feel like cooking, plain and simple!
Ready to eat healthy snacks such as oat bars, lactation cookies, fruits and nuts are also good options so mom can stay nourished.

A  healthy meal or snack subscription box or meal kit, take out and baked goods are just as good! (Check out my recipes on my Instagram Stories).
 You can also give a restaurant giftcard so she can have food delivered right to her door as many restaurants offer delivery service. Believe me, she may not remember the onesie you got baby, but she sure will remember not having to think of dinner that one time!

https://www.swisschalet.com/ Resturant GiftCard
https://www.thebalancedsnackbox.com/ Monthly Snack Subscription
https://www.hellofresh.ca/ Meal Kit Subscription

-Postpartum Care: Especially important in the first six weeks; try adding things such as Epsom bath salts, bubble baths, coconut oil or nipple butter, breast pads, perineal balm and milkmaid tea or other teas suitable when breastfeeding (if applicable). Depending on your relationship with the new mom, you can always make "padsicles" which are essentially pads with witch hazel and aloe that she can put in the freezer and take out when needed to provide some down there comfort! Not the prettiest gift to bring, however it is something that may not have crossed her mind or prepared for pre delivery that she may find useful after!


-Loungewear + Slippers: She may not be fitting in her postpartum jeans or clothes nor should she be, so a stylish and new pair of leggings can be useful as she stays home, goes for walks or run errands. The best thing about leggings today is that they are so versatile, not just for exercising or yoga! Pair those leggings with a long sleeve tunic and you're good to go! a robe and cute pair of slippers while she cuddles with baby are also great choices!

https://www.linenchest.com/ Ugg Robe + Slippers

-Diaper bag or backpack (that does not look like a diaper bag): This was part of my registry. I wanted a diaper bag but I still wanted it to look stylish enough that I could take it on the go without baby! I got so many compliments on my Skip Hop bag while I was out that I would say "thanks, it's a diaper bag!" These bags sure have come a long way! Some designers such as Kate Spade or Gucci also have diaper bags in their collections! Check out a couple of my favorites linked below.

https://www.westcoastkids.ca/  Skip Hop Greenwich backpack
www.katespade.com Wilson Road Quilted Kaylie Baby Bag
https://www.skiphop.com/skiphop-diaper-bags Striped Diaper Bag

-Coffee or Tea Tumbler: ah, coffee, especially for the sleep deprived mom! A cute new "mom" tumbler that can keep her drink warm as she probably won't have time to finish it all in one sitting is a thoughtful gift. You can also include it with the lactation tea listed above.

https://www.etsy.com/  Mama + Mini Tumbler from Pretty Little Labels Co

Makeup + Skincare: My favs are simple tinted chapstick and eye brightener. A tinted face cream will also work as it somewhat serves as foundation and hydration at the same time. If she has a favorite brand or product, get her a refill so she has some back up when she finishes the one she has in use already!  Sometimes a little pampering is all we need to feel refreshed!

https://www.saje.com/ You Time Gift Set

- Subscription Service: Be it to music, a cleaning company, a television subscription it's the gift that keeps on giving!


-Journal or Book: Does she like to read or write? documenting a positive thing that happened that day or her feelings weather they were good or bad might help in her overall postpartum recovery. Escaping in a book also does wonders if she needs a little R & R.

https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/ Five Minute Journal

-A Day Out: With or without baby, there are gift cards you can purchase to the spa or community programs that have mommy and me dates and activities where you can connect with other moms. Sometimes new motherhood can feel isolating so it is important to get out there and try the best you can to adapt to your new life! Connecting with other moms is so important so if you know of some places to go, share them with your new mom friend! Being a new mom is definitely a challenging and rewarding experience!

Whether you are a new mom or not, these gifts ideas are something that any would appreciate! If you have recently had a baby, I congratulate you on your new addition.  If you've gifted or were gifted a mom package let me know what you think of it!

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