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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Spruce up your Water

It's the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada (also known as May 2-4) and we finally have some decent spring like weather. That means we'll be spending as much time outdoors as possible...as tomorrow calls for rain. I don't know about you, but I always found the Victoria Day Long weekend to be the unofficial start to summer.
So what to do with that first taste of sunshine? You clean up the patio furniture, eat some BBQ and make a refreshing drink! Whatever it is you're eating or drinking, everything just taste better on a patio!

My husband starting prepping for this outdoor lunch and while cutting vegetables to grill, realized that he did not buy zucchinis, he bought cucumbers! So here we are with five large cucumbers (to his defense they did actually look like zucchinis) and there is only so much cucumbers we can eat. I decide to take our pitcher and fill it with water and have a nice glass of cucumber water. I used to do this quite often at work and while living with my parents who had an abundance of produce in their garden that I did not want to go to waste.

So if you have some fruits, herbs, and select veggies and don't necessarily want to eat them all, drink them! Adding some to your water might be that little push you need to stay hydrated and get your eight-ten glasses a day (more if you are exercising and outdoors). Plus, lets not forget all the added benefits to flavoring your water naturally such as maintaining a healthy weight and blood glucose level, digestive and detox aid and the immune defensive properties just to name a few. You probably have many of the ingredients at home to flavor your water already!

Not only is flavoring your water good for you, it looks pretty too! Try adding a clear pitcher of water with some added fruits, herbs and veg at your next gathering and I guarantee it will be done in no time! And if you are stuck on time, there are so many naturally flavored water you can purchase at your grocer, such as a nice can of bubly sparkling water. I'm not talking about the sugary ones with added juice, but the no sweeteners, no calories water. If you haven't tried bubly, it's definitely one to consider!

If you want to know of some great water enhancing combinations, here are some of my favorites! Give them a try and let me know what you think! 

Berries + Basil
Lemon + Mint
Orange + Blueberry
Rosemary + Pineapple
Watermelon + Mint 
Rosemary + Orange
Raspberries + Lemon
Lemon + Ginger
Ginger+ Peach
Strawberries + Kiwi
Lemon + Lime (**a classic**)
Lime + Mint
Rosemary + Grapefruit
Watermelon + Cucumber
Rosemary + Lemon + Honey

The combinations are endless and you may surprise yourself with a combination of your own! 

Happy May 2-4 to my fellow Canadians and Memorial day to my Friends south of the boarder! 



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