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Friday, December 4, 2020

A+ Teacher Gifts for the Holidays

Be in your teachers good books by gifting a practical and thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation for all the things they have dealt with teaching and keeping your children safe during a pandemic this school year. What better way to say

thank you then during the holidays. Although a handwritten card is always nice and preferred, there is nothing wrong with spoiling your child's teacher with a gift they can really use. Being a teacher myself, the greatest gift my student's can ever give is the love of learning and dedication to our class. I truly appreciate anything that was ever gifted, remember it is the thought that counts and you do what you can. However, if you choose to get a little something for your teacher and you need some assistance in this subject, what better way than to get some gift ideas from a teacher like myself!  These are some ideas that (from experience) would get an A+

Hand Soap with the constant hand washing these days, treat your teacher to a luxurious hand soap that will leave hands soft and beautifully scented without harsh ingredients.

Hand Cream for dry hands again, with the constant hand washing and sanitizing, a good (and I mean good) hand cream is a must! I have one of these in my desk, in my purse, at home and in the car! 

Dollar Store Gift Card ask any teacher and you'll know that the dollar store is their best friend! from everyday items, to arts & crafts, snacks and stationary you are guaranteed this is one giftcard that will be in good use. 

Give me all the coffee we have enough coffee mugs (trust me) but what we can never have enough of is the coffee! 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses We are on our screens now more than ever before with all the virtual and hybrid learning, protect your eyes with these cool specs!

Colourful Pens We need these, writing up in different colours organizes our thought processes

Reading Socks the holidays are a time to relax with a good book and some cozy socks

Because Virtual Teaching Tumbler need I say more...

Fancy Tote Bag to store all those papers and supplies to and from class we need a big enough bag that can do the trick.

Scarf to get us past the long winter months...and all those chilly days on yard duty!

2021 Day Planner we love to plan, it's seriously why some of us got into this profession and it is in our nature to absolutely be overjoyed when we get a new agenda ( I can't be the only one) plus when it's this pretty, you want to write in it! 


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