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Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Case of 'Nude' Tones Bras

Photo: Thirdlove

When shopping for a bra, I usually go for the basics. One that matches my skin tone so I can wear it with most of my clothing, black, navy and a "fun" one. I know I've typically seen the "skintone" bra color called nude. Being a white female, I recognize this as being one of the white privileges. When I shopped, I wouldn't call it nude when speaking to the associate. I would mention something like "a bra that matches my skin or I would call it off-white, beige or cream. Realistically, I know that is not enough. Why is a fair toned bra still called nude? and why are some brands only offering one type of nude color? I mean is a nude bra really nude for each one of our unique skin tones? Does that one nude tone sold in a particular style represent a black woman? And all the other skin tones across the world? I started looking at intimate brands to see which ones had multiple nude tones in their bras and which ones did not.

Similarly to the color nude in intimates, Crayola had a color called flesh which you could guess was a fair color. It’s name was later changed to pink beige before it finally had its name changed to peach.

Crayola is now introducing their new line of crayons called "colors of the world" which includes 24 different shades representing the multicultural world we live in debuting next month. I'm super excited to try these new colors with my kids once it launches next month!

Just like Crayola's "flesh", Isn’t it time that we change ‘nude’ colored bras to represent all nude shade skin colors too? I get their is a history of color, but when I think of nude, I think of naked; I think of skin so I find it confusing to only describe it as one tone when in fact nude represents all tones.

I've searched online and have listed a few brands that I have come across that are more inclusive to different nude tones rather than only one type of nude colored bra. If you are interested, see more on the blog and check out their site. You may find a new favorite. I've already ditched shopping at Victoria's Secret. I will be making a more conscious effort in shopping at places that are inclusive and it shows in their business model. Check out these intimate brands and read their story.

Naja: Not only is this brand made by single mothers and provides above average wages, they also have a sustainability line and their bras come in multiple shades of nude labelled nude 1, 4, 5, 7 along with other colors.


Thirdlove: Their number one classic tee-shirt bra comes in 8 colours including taupe, sienna, mocha, espresso representing different shades of nude


Nubian Skin: Offers four skin tones in various styles and an online guide to find your right match. Also ships in Canada!


Knix: Canadian brand Knix business philosophy stated on their website is to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin for every stage of life. This is one of my personal favorites. The wingwoman contour bra comes in nude shades 1-5. I also like that I see representation on their site. Something to be more aware of when shopping.


I'm definitely going to reflect a lot more as a consumer as to where I put my money. I want to see the brands that I buy represent various skin tones, shapes and ages; among others. Finding the right bra that is comfortable and fits right is hard enough, having a variety of shades in that perfect bra that goes with your attire and suites your skin color should be a standard in all women's intimates.

Cheers to these brands who are leading the way for all types of nude!


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